Wednesday, January 27, 2010

S.P.A Group Hits 100th member!

We finally hit our 100th member! Its really pleasing to know that people out there want to learn more about the culture of Steampunk and the things that make it tic. Steampunk Awareness started off simply as an idea, but it is growing into something even more! An actual organization of people that want to know and of people that want to aware others. Sure we don't have many admins, but we are still growing. Today we adopted are newest admin, Starra-Neely Blade. Congratulations to you my dear! Moving on; Being a facebook group is simply the beginning. Later in the year we plan on expanding to the world wide web. That's correct, we'll make a website along with a forum containing even more content. Again, this is just another idea at the moment, but remember what this group was several months ago. We hope to continue growing as a group on facebook, and hope you all stick with us and see us grow into something more. Before I go, do leave comments and your opinions of what you would like to see in the future from this group.

~ Jon


  1. Huzzah for 100 members strong.
    My sincere thanks for having me Jon, I am quite honoured.
    And how exciting that S.P.A. is moving towards a Website!
    I would love to hear what folks are doing regarding their love for Steampunk.
    Making outfits, what they may have purchased and where, crafting... do they decorate ala Steampunk or even Neo-Victorian per se? Do they dress Steampunk all the time or just for special times and/or events? (With a photo post would be lovely.)
    Also their views and/or reviews on the Music, Literature and Movies that represent even a facet of Steampunk and are all or mostly Steampunk in theme or feel.
    Listing places that feature say a Steampunk Event or Gathering; be it Cons, Clubs, etc.

    I love the personal touch. And hearing folks thoughts & feelings on S.P.A. and Steampunk.