Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Introduction

I dream of a future thats like the past, a world that will run on steam. This world is cosmetically beautiful and aged in time. In this world the fashion sense is amazing! Women wearing corsets and men dressed properly (on like in todays time). Now, what if this 1800 world were to combine with some of our modern technology from today? Thats the world of tomorrow, the one I dream of. Flying airships in the sky, and a crew with a quest of ruling the skies. Inventing crazy devices that can alter reality, and make life more interesting. A world that is free from religion (except for the Wilk) and from this overly governed land... Then again, this is only a dream; to never be anymore then just this. My readers, do let me know what your dreams are! As wild as they may be, I would love to here some of you'lls creativity.

~ Jon


  1. Your dreams are not entirely wild. As far as inventions and airships are concerned. All that would take was proper funds, an understanding of design and then some, and people to help you out. But as it is with the lowely funds of a student, the lack of education thus far, and only having friends to truely support you those dreams are going to take a while.

    As for myself, as far as steampunk goes, I want to change the outter casing of my laptop but keep the component inside. The only problem is funding and actually finding someone to do it as I lack the understanding of computer parts to do so without causing damage. It's unfortunate that I can design all I want but it won't bring it to life. But one day eventually.


  2. Please note kind sir that in such a grand time of adventures and what-have-you not all of us women-folk will embrace or wish to be embraced by the often confining corsets. I willingly admit that I do so love the thought of a man dressed properly. Tweed, jackets, hats and goggles, oh my! You see I find the current fashions for the genders at turns disconcerting and appalling. And I am so not a shrinking violet type. Pshaw! to that notion indeed.
    I am made up of sterner & stronger stuff. The 1800's are a fond time full of so much grandness in thinking, styles & good manners.
    They should be embraced once more via us whom love & admire Steampunk.

    And I do embrace the love and dreams of Steampunk as well as Neo-Victorian, and one of my fondest hopes and aspirations are that my closet, home & physical self will outwardly show this love and fondness in the very near future.
    I have always held dear to my heart parasols, gloves, a jaunty hat and buckled leather boots... Along with this a love of pirates .both nautical & airship, and the infamous Captain Nemo of Mr. Vernes beloved books set my young heart a'flutter many a moon past!

    Warm Regards,
    Starra - A Steampunk Witch