Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new beginning...

What is SPA one might ask.

It is an organization dedicated to spreading the word about a wonderful theme of life known as “Steampunk”. Next question then is what is steampunk? Well that’s the point of this organization!


A fantasy/fiction world that is set in an era where steam power is most commonly used. Commonly none as the 19th century and Victorian era. Those aren't the only style's of it; another prime example would be 'alternate history', or 'post-apocalypse'.

The origin:
The term "steampunk" was originally a tongue in cheek variant of "cyberpunk". The prototypical "steampunk" stories were essentially cyberpunk tales that were set in the past, using steam-era technology rather than the ubiquitous cybernetics of cyberpunk but maintaining those stories' "punkish" attitudes towards authority figures and human nature. Originally, like cyberpunk, steampunk was typically dystopian, often with noir and pulp fiction themes, as it was a variant of cyberpunk. As the genre developed, it came to adopt more of the broadly appealing utopian sensibilities of Victorian scientific romances.
Steampunk fiction focuses more intently on real, theoretical or cinematic Victorian-era technology, including steam engines, clockwork devices, and difference engines. While much of steampunk is set in Victorian-era settings, the genre has expanded into medieval settings and often delves into the realms of horror and fantasy. Various secret societies and conspiracy theories are often featured, and some steampunk includes significant fantasy elements. There are frequently Lovecraftian, occult and Gothic horror influences as well.

A Steampunk musician known as Captain Robert once said:

“Steampunk is an adventure from a time that never was, but one we wished had been. Steampunk is taking modern technology and adding a Victorian esthetic, an esthetic from back when people really knew how to make things beautiful, make things last. Steampunk is escaping from your beige, plastic world.”

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