Thursday, January 14, 2010


Its quite obvious what this blog will be about today. World, the most must have necessity to your steampunk attire is no doubtably the goggles. For some its more of an accessory, never the less its still something all of us desire. The question a lot of the amateurs have is: "Where can one get some goggles?" It is rather difficult to find vintage goggles at a antique shop, also finding goggles in general at any kind of store. So whats the next best option? Oh yes, the world wide web; it is something the steampunk community has grown rather fond of. It helps us in some many ways, but don't let me get carried away with it (maybe for anther time). Places that you'd be able to find vintage goggles: eBay being one that you'd be able to find maybe what you are looking for. Some sellers even have cheap plastic ones that you can purchase and mod on your own. Another excellent source of goggles is SteamBaby. A bit pricey, but you don't really have to make any modifications to them. Speaking of modifying, there are plenty of DIY tutorials on how to mod or even make your on goggles out of easy to find materials or cheap ones. Some places you could find help is YouTube, Instructables, IndyMogul, and more if you google around. So everyone do enjoy these helpful tips on how to find goggles. Also do let us know if you have any advise or know of any good places to find advice.

~ Jon

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  1. I really appreciated this blog.
    I am in need of my own set of Goggles and am not certain I am handy enough to make my own.

    I hope you'll post more blogs like this on where to find or DIY "stuffage" on Steampunk Accessories & the like.