Sunday, January 8, 2012

The New Year Agenda: Cosplays! Panels! And Events, oh my!

Needless to say from the gap in posts on this blog that the S.P.A. (Steampunk Awareness) and Airship Constantine have been expanding its roots to a variety of means. We've begun hosting many a local event in the spirit of
community development by attending San Antonio's Centro Cultural Atzlan for a Steampunk Dia De Los Muertos presentation, a successful steampunk gathering for the post-Sherlock Holmes 2 premiere, and a charity event for the 2011 Steampunk Christmas Charity Event by volunteering at the Wreathes Across America at Ft. Sam Houston. We've started to collaborate more with the Brass Apple in concerns of multicultural steampunk, which in terms of crew member demographic and local activities, the S.P.A. has followed up with plans for more events in celebration with this powerful mission.

The Airship Constantine, itself, has grown to 16 members and is the largest
airship in San Antonio and collaborates with a variety of groups, including but not limited to, Evil Pastry Studios, the Celestial Rogues, Airship Isabella, the San Antono Neo-Victorian Association, Steampets, The Steam Engine Intrepid, the Zheng Army, Eden Falls, and the Airship Albatross to bring local events and steampunk activities to San Antonio. We are happy to announce that we, with the S.P.A.'s mission, are now actively hosting panels under the official prose of "panelists" (trust me, its a major accomplishment) and will be presenting our skills to Clockwork Con in one week. The panels included so far (for we may yet gather more) are the Alchemical Solution, where Airship Constantine in collaboration with the Celestial Rogues, have developed the use of alchemy for the multiverse of SCARS, the infamous "So, you want to be an Airship Captain?" panel, and the SCARS vs. Order panel.

The work has piled on with leather and costumes, but are sure fire to be seen and amazed over in the next couple weeks. Our next project? Metalwork! We have a joke going around that we'll have a little mechanical minion factory, but that would require we knew the skill of metalworking to cover the parts! Along with work for Clockwork, there has been a reevaluation of storylines in preparation for the SCARS vs. Order match-off to be held at the con. Cosplay! We are have an array of cosplays planned for this year: the Avengers, Steampunk Batman: Heroes and Villains collection, Steampunk Alice in Wonderland, and Legend of the Seeker. We have, also, taken up the call of bringing steampunk to our school campus by starting the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association at UTSA.

So, the new year brings about a presentation of opportunity and experiences. On the blog, itself, a picture of adventure will begin to come your way as we provide instructables for the many viable skills we've acquired, short stories, poems, and updates galore! So, with the new year, expect a greater presence, awesome photos, and a revised S.P.A. agenda. Let's get these gears rolling!

-Captain Vivienne Eeva Valentina
Airship Constantine

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