Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technical Difficulties

So, update to the few of you who read our blog. The facebook page, where the majority of our followers reside has single-handedly disappeared overnight. We recieved no notice, no reason, and not trace. "S.P.A. (Steampunk Awareness) won't appear in search either, the only thing that shows is the old S.P.A group, which hasn't been seen since it was most recently upgraded to a page. As far as we can tell, S.P.A has become a victim to a facebook page phenomenon we shall call the "Inexplicable-Disappearing-Facebook-Page-Phenomenon."

What's worse is that FB doesn't even have a help desk, so we're struggling to get any support at all! Regardless, we're doing the best that we can to get our page back, so please stay tuned. We are not giving up two years of work without a fight! So, please, support us if you can and demand that facebook bring back our page! We'll keep you updated here and through Airship Constantine (Twitter and FB) We're fighting for our right to exist, so wish us the best and we'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your support from all of us at S.P.A working to bring you a better steampunk tomorrow, signing off for now!

Vivienne Eeva Valentina
Airship Constantine

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