Sunday, August 14, 2011

Airship Constantine Mass Takeover!!!

Welcome one and all to the updated (finally) Steampunk Awareness blog! This is the Captain of the Airship Constantine, Vivienne Eeva Valentina, guest blogger (or full-time, who knows anymore?) and currently helping to manage the S.P.A. page. This page was born out of the interest of a group of friends, but friends have come and gone. However, the nuclei of the group remains: those that had first started this page are having their ambitions continued and!

We are one of those groups formed out of the enclave of friendship. Airship Constantine travels in the post-apocalyptic future, where civil unrest and the growing power of the Sons of the Devil lay in the background of a decaying new world. Enlisting the help of the Inquisition, Constantine ventures out on a perilous mission, leading a resistance and the New World into an unwritten future with the background of a decaying past. This is the rebel ship of Constantine.

We are currently administrating over S.P.A and will be bringing you its full-on website in the future. Work is being done with various groups now within SCARS (the South Central Armada of Renegade Steampunk, led by Cedric Whittaker, captain of the Airship Isabella), SANVA (San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association), and the wonderful owner of Circles of Stone (a steampunk jewelry maker based in San Antonio with direct ties to both S.P.A and Airship Constantine.) We all look forward to bringing you the best experiences of the steampunk world and the community right to your computer and home. Keep watching, friends, we've got a whirlwind adventure and a steam-fueled movement to reveal!

-Captain Vivienne Eeva Valentina of Airship Constantine

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