Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guns for the men.. And women

I had last discussed some helpful information on where to find goggles, and useful information to build from scratch. Today its time to get ready for a steam-powered dull. Wait! You don't have a weapon? Looks like you could use some help there partner. Don't worry, that's why this blog post is here! To inform you on helpful sites that can show you how to make your very own weaponry (props, of course), mod toy guns, and purchase some already fabricated items. What is the best option? Purchasing a toy gun; they are inexpensive, and with your imagination, you can make it look like something far out of this world.. Of course some of us need to get inspired. My favorite place to start is... You guessed it, Google. Do a generic search, in this case "Steampunk Guns", browse through some of the stuff you see, and get a basic feel of what steampunk weapons look like. Now, back to the toy guns. We need to select one! In my opinion the best manufacture is Hasbro; their guns already have a futuristic feel to them. The prices are great too! Purchase one anywhere between $5.00 to $50.00 dolors. Your next step would be to start your modification process.. Thankfully some kind people out on the web listed tutorials of their own doings.. Link; this guy only shows the maverick, but most of the steps apply to the other guns as well.. Also an added suggestion: When taking apart the toy take pictures of where everything goes! There for you'll have a good enough idea on how to close her up (or he, what ever you're into) if you still want it functional.

Online buys! In steampunk its really difficult to find suppliers, for anything really.. But thankfully there are the few. Will warn you in advanced, most of these sites have very expensive guns! For starters you can see what is floating around on eBay! You can find inexpensive items here, also expensive ones as well.. This next site has weaponry looking like it was pulled out of the 1800's! Dress like a Pirate, also has some steampunk wear. Etsy has some steampunk weapons as well, you'll just need to do a bit of looking around on there. 

Of course there are more places on the web, but I am having difficulty finding more... Maybe you can help? Yes! List some sites you know of with helpful information on how to make a steampunk gun, or some sites that we could grab a shopping cart, throw in the guns we want, and be on are way! So do let us and the community know, and till next time, have a wonderful night!

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  1. I sell a number of different guns and goggles, at reasonable prices. Drop me a line off list.